Simplify your text communication with Personalized Software

Snapshot of Benefits


  • Saves time and increases productivity  (messaging, email, case notes, reports)

  • Simplifies workflow checklists  

  • Use within other applications (email, text messaging, etc.) and CMS's

  • Use across multiple devices - smartphones, tablets, laptop, and desktop

  • Streamline documentation (practice language, case notes, reports)

"Have you ever text, sent and email, posted or responded on social media only to find yourself creating and sending similar content again and again? What a headache, right?  


My guess is you have an unlimited texting plan or use over the top (OTT) technology like WhatsApp. Since most text messages are routine in nature, even when personalized, why do we keep writing the same things almost daily?


For example, I truly love her, but re-writing ...... I just want you to know I’m thinking about you right now. I hope you have a great day 😘 ...does not have to be touched-typed daily. 


Or, when I’m running late, I repetitively write, ... I'm running about 15 minutes late, but will be there shortly. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please let me know if this alters our plans to meet in any way. Thanks.


The list goes on and on. Smartphones owners aged 18 to 24 send an average of 67 text a day and 1 Billion SMS messages are sent daily in the US alone. I'm sure there is so much time wasted re-creating messages folks are already going to send. 


With Caseaide Note you can create, save and send personalized social and/or business messages without touch-typing. 


Use with regular SMS and                                                                  etc."

How we Simplify Communication

CaseAide ® Note

Standardizes your written text with a user-defined keyboard allowing you to effortlessly input routine messages without touch-typing.                     

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