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Investing 3 hours to create your keyboard & cents a day can SAVE YOU  hours each week in documentation time.

Snippets (user-defined reusable text, small or large) are most commonly created on a desktop and linked to a users keyboard. 

A User-Defined Keyboard

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  • Save time documenting messages / notes

  • Increase productivity

  • Simplify workflows

  • Limitless snippet use

  • #Don´t get in trouble w/Documentation 

  • Streamline documentation

  • Personal and/or professional use

  • Can be used with current apps and CM Systems

  • Help meet legal mandates for documenting notes


"I’ve used the CaseAide Note app for three months and it definitely helps me write my notes faster. The big upside for me is that I downloaded it on my agency iPhone and use it directly in the note field of my agencies Case Management System.”

Social Worker

Adult Protective Services, Riverside County

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