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The purposes of education is to prepare competent and effective professionals, to advance knowledge, and to provide leadership in the development of service delivery systems.


Simulation models are commonly used for creating authentic learning environments. This approach is established on the assumption that classroom and field training activities should be made to be as similar and as authentic as possible. Our simulation pedagogy is tailored specifically to students and social services professionals in Child Welfare, but can be adapted to generalist practice.


The Children's Resource Center (CRC) has contributed toward the curriculum development and the National Council on Crime and Delinquency (NCCD) has been gracious in allowing student interns the ability to use Structured Decision Making (SDM) as a component of their simulation training. This aides students in understanding explanatory assessment theories while conceptualizing and applying them to the actual field assessment tool they will use once employed.    

Hard professional skills like organization and case management have received less attention at the university level. The application allows for skill drills more closely mirroring that which is experienced during employment while correlating these skills to application of theory across multiple vignettes.


The simulation model can also be used for agency specific training and pairs well with engagement and assessment sims.



Users receive notifications to alert them when they have not completed a face-to-face contact with a client within a calendar month. This notification is displayed any time a user logs in and has unseen clients during the month.


  • Strengthen organization skills related to planning and monitoring of cases (with emphasis on prioritizing due dates and tasks).

  • Assist students with “unlearning” the social context of writing.

  • Assist in the development of assessment skills. 

  • Support professional development, specifically preparedness to manage high caseloads and manage cases effectively.

  • Assist in differentiating agency and academic writing.

  • Increase knowledge of documentation management (contacts and reports).

“This was a hard assignment! To be honest, I didn’t like it at first cause it made me realize my skills were not at the level I thought they were. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was a 1 at the beginning of the quarter, but I swore I was a 7. I’d put myself at a 5 now going through the sim.”

Public Child Welfare Student/Intern

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CaseAide ® Scholar   helps improve case management skills of students                              and new professionals via simulation.

Document Management

Increases ability to accurately document notes. Offers customized dictation software and ability to quickly view notes with a tap and hold of a button.

Supports professional development, specifically preparedness to manage high caseloads while conducting appropriate assessments. 

Strengthens organizational skills related to planning and monitoring cases (with emphasis on prioritizing due dates and tasks).

Simplifies the documentation process with a variety of smart features including acronym recognition, document dictation, and calculation of court and hearing dates.

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